Villa at Wagholi

Asian Aura

Location : Wagholi, Pune
Status : Completed
Plot area : 11690 sq mt.
Built up Area : 2070 Sq mt.
Carpet Area : 1656 Sq mt.

This luxurious villa is designed as a connected set of built blocks spread out on an expansive, densely vegetated contoured plot, mimicking an Indonesian style nature resort. Spacious courtyards separate linearly arranged dwelling units for members of the large joint family, each harmoniously connected with surrounding landscape. The entry of the villa is at the highest point, sloping downward as one moves toward the covered parking and entrance foyer. The central block houses the main entrance through a sky lit lobby court, leading into the common spaces beyond. Family spaces, in the form of a cozy den, a lavish formal living room, a spacious dining area and an open kitchen allow for bonding and interaction, while private suites, accommodated in the North and south blocks, ensure quiet contemplation. Individual suites are interconnected by means of interactive open courts and daylit passages, supported by their own private sit outs and lounges, and subjected to ample cross ventilation, daylight and views capturing the movement of the sun over the course of the day. The entire eastern façade overlooks the green lawns and infinity pool appending the structure, and the fruit orchards beyond. Open air recreational facilities like tennis courts and leisure open space are housed along the rugged forest toward the lower eastern slopes forming serene views for the entire home.

Soaked in luxury, the living units evoke the relaxed vibe of an Indonesian resort. Courtyards, sloping roofs and skylights connect residents with their natural surroundings, while organic materials used in interior surfaces enhance the indoor-outdoor connection. The built structure seems to invite the surrounding shrubbery and farmland into its premises, guaranteeingindulgence in the lap of nature.