Contemporary Jain Memorial

Location : Rajgir, Nalanda, Bihar
Status : Unbuilt
Total Plot area : 10 Acres
Built up Area : 800 Sq mt.

The project utilizes an unfinished site and structure, intended to be developed as a memorial Smarak for Pujya Gurudev Amar Muni. The clients sought a modern structure commemorating the Gurudev and popularizing the traditions of the Jain faith among the youth, through an interactive and minimalistic design. The proposed design would exude purity of thought, shape and style, keeping with Pujya Amar Muni’s life values.

The design was conceived as the immortalization of the Gurudev in Tapasya: a triangular plan, rising upwards in height towards its ‘head’. A landscaped garden enances the ambience of the religious site. The approach to the Smark is through a paved pathway, leading upto the triangular building, through undulating landscaped mounds, dotted with water bodies and a lotus pond. Set up in Vaibhargiri, itself a memorial of Lord Mahaveer and Pujya Gurudev Amar Muniji, the design of the Smarak celebrates the hills, reflecting their silhouette in the large mirror-like façade on the South East. Inside the Smarak, a streamlined circulation guides the visitors through a landscaped court into the central circular core along the protective envelope of RCC walls. Existing columns, forming a circular sanctum, in the core, enclosing a spectacular laser show on the sanctum ceiling. Post this mesmerizing experience of a holy vision, a similar circulation pattern leads one to the exit.