Suzlon One Earth Excellence Academy

Green Corporate Training Academy

Location : Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra
Status : Completed
Built Up area : 36,500 Sq mt.
Carpet Area : 30000 Sq mt.

The excellence academy of the Suzlon One Earth Corporate Campus is housed in the SEA building, centered around an open courtyard with a ‘swastika’ shaped water body. The courtyard acts as the central recreational hub linking various academic activities within the building. The main aim was to instill an atmosphere of learning and creativity among the trainees at the campus. The building layout exploits natural light, allowing impromptu interactions amongst users in common zones, to promote the culture of learning and sharing. The courtyard enhances this ‘social’ culture, attracting users to gather in on its steps for a moment of peaceful contemplation.

Study areas: OORJA CONCEPT
‘OORJA’, releasing the energy accumulated in the architecture and allowing it to burst through the campus for a Synergetic Integration of Architecture, Interiors & Landscape..
The design of the work and study areas Incorporates various work patterns and layouts: Hives, Clubs, Dens and Cells – towards establishing a new work culture encouraging both, collaborative teamwork and individual creativity.