Sky Station

Multi occupancy commercial offices at Viman Nagar

Location : Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra
Status : Completed
Total Plot Area : 3500 sq mt.
Total Built up Area : 5760 sq mt.
Total Commercial carpet area : 4732 Sq mt.

A multi occupancy development, the Sky Station accommodates commercial offices of different scales, linked with their respective utility spaces through an open street like circulation pattern. A detached staircase and elevator lobby allows interesting views across the shared common zones. The modular offices are laid out row-wise along 3 sides of the central atrium space, allowing maximum daylight and ventilation into the building.

The terrace is designed as an open public space, shaded by a space frame to reduce thermal gains. The terrace is a common zone, to be shared & utilized by the building occupants for various recreational activities. High performance glass cladding along the East, South and West, and clear glass along the North, allow maximum working daylight into the office spaces. A parking podium integrates services and maintenance activities. Universal design principles are utilized in making the entire campus a barrier free zone, with careful consideration to branding, signage and visual and physical access.