Sky Max

Commercial Hub

Location : Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Status : Completed
Plot Area : 4402 sq mt.
Built up Area : 7880 sq mt.
Carpet area : 6200 Sq mt.
Awards : AESA Best Commercial Project 2009

A mixed-use commercial hub, sited on a corner plot in Viman Nagar, Pune, exploits its street frontage to attract maximum attention for its occupant companies. Two wings, hinged at the core and overlooking a daylit atrium, accommodate various retail and commercial ventures. The inward facing design and prominent location help create a visual impact for retail and recreational activities.

A tensile canopy marks the entry for the hub, inviting into the building, visitors and occupants alike. The entrance foyer is incorporated in a symbolic tower, signifying a landmark in the then, impending commercial development at Viman Nagar. The central atrium acts as a welcoming space, intimating visitors of the various enterprises housed in the hub. Apart from providing appropriate signage and daylight to internal ventures, the atrium acts as a recreational facility, dotted with benches and edged by a landscaped strip, while overlooking the busy traffic of Viman Nagar. Graphics and colourful paneling elements make the space lively, lit up in the evening by attractive lighting; all contributing to the overall retail experience. Services like stairs, elevators, electrical and plumbing shafts, common toilet blocks and pantry, run across all 6 floors, supporting inhabitant units. High performance glass cladding achieves thermal comfort, while establishing a minimalistic façade linking each occupant unit with the street below.