Saj Villa

Scenic Getaway

Location : Khadakwasla, Kudje, Pune, Maharashtra
Status : Completed
Plot Area : 2146 Sq. m.
Built up Area : 713 Sq. m.
Carpet Area : 558 Sq. m.

Located at Khadakwasla,Kudje, the charming villa captures the most captivating vistas of the natural beauty of the area. It perches atop its own hillock to gaze peacefully at the serene horizon in the distance.

This weekend house attempts to fuse the ethnic aesthetic of traditional wadas, with the contemporary accents of a modern home. It explores the inherent richness of rustic materials, setting a statement in its old-school charm.

The use of traditional Warli paintings, traditional handicrafts and colourful fabrics, glorify the interior spaces with artistic heritage. Whereas, use of materials like leather, copper, brass antiques and wood, hold contemporary pieces of furniture, furnishings and finishes against the vernacular settings of Maratha art and folklore.