Queens Garden Bungalow

A Royal Retreat

Location : Queens Garden, Pune
Status : Completed
Plot Area : 1503 Sq. mt.
Built up Area : 611 Sq. mt.

“A royal bungalow takes curvaceous feminine forms as it sits gracefully amidst the greenery of a lush manicured lawn in the prominent Queens Garden locality of Pune.”

The 5-bedroom residence is defined by a curved roof that provides playful volumes to the interior spaces, while imparting an iconic form to the architecture. The entrance porch and parking lot are defined by a sinuous overhang supported on angular perforated walls. Inside the house, hand blown glass pendant lights add a splash of colour to the earthy, minimalist foyer. The central lobby is a bright double height space, daylit by skylights and clearstory windows. Organic elements are subtly transferred into the plan through a curving staircase enclosing a circular water fountain and a tall hanging glass chandelier. The lively living room, furnished in plush upholstery is composed of a play of volumes and spaces brightly lit by daylight filtering in through windows and openings. The dining room is adorned by an elaborate sculptural chandelier, artistically rendered in twisting hand blown glass tubes. A semicircular sit-out forms a transitional space connecting the space to its outside environment.

The staircase shaft extends upward to form a water tank, as the landing platform extends sideways to form a connecting bridge between bedrooms on the first floor. Openings in the wave-form of the roof allow passive cross ventilation, apart from admitting plentiful daylight into the living spaces. The building envelope, dotted with circular openings, allows ringed views of the lush lawn beyond. Archways and circular sit-outs reflect the curvilinear organic language of the roof, while enabling a smooth flow of spaces between interior spaces as well as between the inside and outside.

A minimalistic approach to ornamentation, combined with an earthy colour palette composed of white walls, beige floor tiles and walnut wood finishes allows a neutral canvas for the introduction for colourful artwork, complementing the framed views of greenery surrounding the house. A manicured lawn adorns the western part of the plot, with cascading waterfallsoverflowing from brass urns and streaming onto the shallow marble steps of the rockery. The interior setting of the home falls completely in sync with external elements, with organic forms detailed extensively into a homogenous whole, despite the challenges of curved construction. The Queen’s Garden Bungalow is an embodiment of technical expertise and immaculate attention to detail; its luxurious living spaces and sophisticated ornamentation fit for no less than a royal family.