One Suhana

A tale of the Great Indian Gourmet:
Rooted in tradition, looking toward the future…

Location : Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra
Status : Completed
Plot Area : 1100 Sq Mt.
Built Up Area : 3755 Sq Mt.
Carpet Area : 2150 Sq Mt.

The TAO team engaged in an exciting exercise, while designing the Corporate Headquarters for ‘Suhana Masala’, a premier Indian condiments company. the building captures the essence of Suhana, as an age-old brand producing and promoting Indian spices, and facilitating authentic culinary experiences for the common man’s kitchen. The design theme revolves around a fusion of old and new, modern and contemporary, in a bid to adapt to newer times and technology; while remaining close to the company’s humble roots. The company founder marks his divine presence, blessing the enterprise, while taking the form of a brass sculpture at the entrance of the headquarters. Upon entering the interactive lobby, visitors find themselves facing a 5 storey copper chandelier, composed of brass bowls, dramatically guiding them upward to the main office spaces.

Traditional cooking methods and ingredients are demonstrated in their abstract and literal forms through every design element within the building. The reception table, takes the form of an exaggerated brass bowl, while the Suhana flame rises from above its rim, acting as the main branding element in the lobby, while metaphorically keeping the age-old flame of Suhana alive in its enduring position at the office. Brass and copper accents are integrated with rustic and earthy material tones, depicting ancient cooking and serving methods. Vintage utensils decorate the common spaces, invoking the heritage value of the brand, whie reminding the office staff and visitors alike, of the importance of traditions and their ethnic roots, despite rampant adaptation of modern technology. On the upper floors, open workspaces and private cabins are rendered in fusion finishes, dotted with interactive open breakout balconies.

Branding has played an important role in communicating the owners’ approach of growth while being grounded to their roots. The brand ‘Suhana’ has been adapted on the façade by integrating ‘S’ longitudinally in cross section highlighted usingProdema sheets. Gokak stone cladding on the compound wall and ground floor draws a contrast between contemporary and vernacular finishes. The Suhanicons (motifs) have also been smartly integrated in a mural design on the façade with glass panels continuinginto the interiors, giving the façade a personalized look.

Greenery and daylight interspersed within working and recreational spaces as well as common zones,unifies the Architecture with the interiors and landscape, converting the entire office into one unified entity. The rooftop terrace, with pergolas, jalis and a lawn space, provides a pleasant recreational and multipurpose space for office users.