Nyati Unitree Commercial Development

Leasable commercial offices at Yerawada

Location : Pune, Maharashtra
Status : Completed
Total Plot Area : 7825 sq mt.
Total Built up Area : 25,230 sq mt.
Total Commercial carpet area : 10,000 Sq mt.

Nyati Unitree Real Estate project is a set of two functionally distinctive yet interconnected buildings. One functions as a commercial building housing leasable modular showrooms and offices. The other, a double-glazed cuboidal RCC building,is the corporate headquarters for the Nyati group of companies. The commercial wing encompasses a total of 10,000 of leasable modular showrooms and offices, supported by 3 pedestrian plazas, namely, an entrance plaza, a shopping plaza, and a recreational plaza. The development has 3 levels of underground parking space, and common recreational spaces encompassing a café, restaurant and common areas amounting to 2560

This project is a LEED certified platinum rated green building. A double-glazed façade, enhanced by suspended creepers, ensures maximum utilization of natural daylight, while blocking solar radiation. The west façade, insulated by terracotta dry cladding, protects the building’s services. the visual language of the facade mimics the criss-cross tubular branches of the adjacent corporate office, setting up a brand identity for the entire development. Led strip lights along the glazing light up the façade, andmake the development an essential constituent of the Pune Skyline.