Nest Residence

A Luxury Eco-abode

Location : Koregaon Park, Pune
Status : Completed
Plot Area : 5300 Sq mt.
Built up Area : 2030 Sq mt.
Carpet Area : 1500 Sq mt.

Crystal waters splatter down a spouted archway, as mystical winged creatures bask in the luxury of warm sunrays and filtered South-Westerly breezes across the grassy front lawn of this fairytale eco-abode; secluded from the hustle-bustle of Koregaon Park.

A long entryway dotted with landscape elements, provides apt appreciation distance as it leads one to the grand onyx foyer door through an entry court. Inside the house, a daylit lobby with a densely vegetated courtyard, integrates an open sitting area. Attached to the foyer is a glazed formal living room encircled by a water channel connecting the building with an elliptical swimming pool. The interconnected water bodies reflect the peaceful earthy aesthetic of the building, being one with its surrounding greenery, along with the dynamism of shifting lights and shadows through the pergolas above the open deck. The plan of the home is set along two perpendicular free standing malad stone walls segregating public and private zones, with their arches allowing continuous flow of space. The entire space is punctuated with courtyards and foliage, creating multiple micro-landscapes; tempering the interior climate through evaporative cooling and passive ventilation.

Nature seems to weave its way through each space, with bedrooms incorporating private sit-outs and bathrooms overlooking the outside environment. The understated transparency of the exterior walls opens up the living spaces to the exterior landscape. A single floating roof unites the entire structure, its punctures acting as lungs that breathe light and air into this snug retreat nestled in the lap of nature.