Napier Road Bungalow

Colonial Grandeur

Location : Camp, Pune
Status : Completed
Built up Area : 2941 Sq mt.
Carpet Area : 2353 Sq mt.

This regal mansion sits along the posh locales of Napier Road in the camp area of Pune. The regal structure of the home is justified by its rich, colonial style interiors, rendered in a neutral colour palette and complemented by a landscaped front garden.

Within the house, an earthy partition screen composed of concentric rings encircling a brass gong, stands obscuring the edge between the interior and exterior, as it divides the formal and informal living zones. Informal living spaces open out to the central courtyard, flooded with daylight and greenery. Cozy couches and a regal swing mark the extents of the informal living room; enlivened by the colourful beams of daylight filtering through stained glass skylights and openings, simulating a play of shifting lights and shadows. The formal drawing room exudes luxury, furnished in white leather, high curtains and plush carpets. Playful tear drops composed of suspended glass beads, float through the space, delicately partitioning the sophisticated living area.

Art installations composed of framed canvas panels, rendered in muted tones and organic outlines, adorn the drawing room, giving off a classy vibe, while introducing nature-inspired elements into the space. The dining area seats twelve, on a set of sinuous ergonomic chairs arranged gracefully about an elegant oval table. A tall cylindrical chandelier diffuses light onto the marble top, its twisting glass threads chiming a mealtime chorus; while they bridge the exaggerated height of the ceiling and the humble human scale.
The entire built expanse of 7000 sq. ft. of bedrooms, living, dining, kitchen and formal spaces, rendered in minimalistic finishes, creates an apt setting for the family’s treasured collection of artworks and antiques. The introduction of nature and greenery into the living spaces, helps connect the residents to their external environment; while in the broader context, initiates a bond between man and nature, through the medium of spatial design.