Zen Den

Location : Sopan Baug, Pune, Maharashtra
Status : Completed
Carpet Area : 3295 Sq. ft.

Designed for a joint family, this 4-bedroom apartment is a peaceful ivory abode, overlooking the beautiful empress gardens of Pune.
A central hallway running through the length of the apartment, imparts a sense of calm as it connects the various living spaces; while incorporating multiple functions in its fresh white finishes. The entrance foyer accommodates a cozy seating and a concealed shoe unit, carving out a compact lobby for the serene home. Passing by a warm yellow Puja Room and an all-white clutter free island kitchen, one is led to a daylit dining area with an attached informal living room. 2 layers of sheer curtains allow daylight to filter through customized cutouts, brightening up the spacious living area. Eclectic accents and floral artwork enhance the luxurious leather furniture, making the living hall a cozy yet stylish retreat. Opposite the informal living, lies the formal entertainment area, rendered in pastel tones and soft fabrics. Connecting the family zone with the private areas, the hallway incorporates a library unit, facilitating easy access from the living area. A bright kids room and parents’ room leads to the spacious master bedroom, exuding luxury in its eclectic lighting and custom furniture. Floral partitions add a splash of colour to bathrooms while beige marble, natural wood and rich fabrics soaked in the golden hues of the warm daylight, lend the lofty abode an air of quiet contemplation.