God's Blessing

Luxury Riverfront Apartment

Location : Koregaon Park Annexe, Pune
Status : Completed
Carpet Area : 6235 ft.

A luxurious apartment overlooking the Mula Mutha River, God’s Blessing allows a functional segregation of private, family and entertainment areas; apt for the occupant family’s contemporary lifestyle.
A continuous drop ceiling, highlighted by floor to ceiling doors and curtains, unifies various living spaces while enhancing volumetric contrast. A soothing colour palette, combined with rustic accents and rich finishes, gives the interiors a homely ambience, combined with a royal touch. Commissioned artwork adds a splash of color to the entrance lobby, bedroom lobby and dining area, contrasting against rich veneers and grey flooring. Glare-free daylight and stunning views make up the boundaries of the plot, as it sits delicately above the green environs of Koregaon Park.