Garden Villa

Courtyard house at Ahmedabad

Location : Ahmedabad
Status : Ongoing
Total Plot area : 617.64 Sq mt.
Built up Area : 544.22 Sq mt.
Carpet Area : 414.56 Sq mt.

Greenery, quite literally, encloses all living spaces within this bungalow situated in the harsh locales of Ahmedabad. Designed in earthy accents of exposed red brick, the house assumes a ‘grounded’ earthy identity, overlapped with projecting green walls, tempering the interior climate and lending the residence a striking ‘living’ facade. Planning of living spaces revolves around facilitating indoor-outdoor connections, some visual, while others physical. The floorplate is faceted, creating green nooks and semi open courts, used as shaded sitouts. Faceted planning also lends green views to all interior spaces, creating the ambience of a garden home.

Bedrooms at the ground floor, look out to their own private outdoor courts, connected through stepping stones, along the periphery of the built mass. On the first floor, the staircase lobby opens into an informal lounge, with private bedrooms arranged about the double height courtyard below. Vertical gardens shield the interior spaces by preventing thermal gain though insulation. Wind turbines on the terrace harness green energy, while a jacuzzi and multipurpose hall allow picturesque views of the city.