Design Studio

An Architectural Design Studio

Location : Mundhwa, Pune
Status : Completed
Plot Area : 635 Sq Mt.
Built Up Area : 490 Sq Mt.
Carpet Area : 453.35 Sq Mt.

Architectural Formation of the design studio revolves around generating Porosity to the built form. The perforated metal skin facade being wrapped around form-finish RCC structure facilitates naturally ventilated, glare-free functional spaces with privacy from the outside. Orientation of the built form further strengthens its climate-responsive design keeping the east and west sides having buffered service spaces while inviting consistent quality of sunlight from north and south to main functional areas on all floors.

The built form houses four Layers of floors including the basement and terrace floor, which are physically and visually interlinked through an atrium as an interactive hub. The atrium also acts as a segregator of all regular functional activities while formulating occasional and accidental events through its various options of sitting arrangements like an amphitheater, meeting tables, library, pantry, ways for washrooms, stairs, lunch rooms, etc, further facilitated with audio-video and screening options. Being a breather, the atrium as an ever-green solution, forms a passive ventilation system while receiving and celebrating the daily drama of ever-changing sunlight and natural breeze.

Interiority of naturally lit and ventilated spaces are simply by-products generated through juxtaposed sets of stacked spaces accessed through the atrium as a circulation space. Honest expression of each material, while meeting their functional need, plays a vital role to bind visual and energetic characteristics of spaces within and without.

Use of indigenous natural materials like Tandoor and Kadappa stone flooring, teak wood framed glass doors, and Furniture made of Ply and High-density fiber boards flows throughout composed with weathered steel and Concrete as dominating architectural material palate. The material composition further enhances the rawness of textures and natural colors in the presence of sunlight throughout the day.
Built-in and Integrated Use of sustainable technology like evaporative cooling system, solar PV panels, glare-free natural light, cross ventilation, integrated vegetation generating micro-climate, careful orientation, and Placement of various primary and support functions generates autonomous and self-breathing Built from, ready-to-receive human intervention.
The architecture carefully demonstrates its purpose of keeping sustainability as a core concern while celebrating Nature as a source to inspire living day to day life.