Seamlessly blending tradition and modernity

Location : Khajrana, Indore
Status : Completed
Plot Area : 40000 Sq Mt.
Built Up Area : 17600 Sq Mt.

Azaan is conceived as a residence for a family rooted in Islamic culture. The design reflects an inward focus, encapsulating its own space within a vast garden nestled between two primary blocks. One block comprises a home, office, and recreational areas, while the other serves as a residence for the joint family.

This project marked Tao’s first ever venture with a young client embracing Islamic traditions. The aim was to forge an architectural language that seamlessly merged contemporary elements with the traditional Persian essence, addressing climatic challenges. The solution involved the age-old architectural phenomenon of jaali screens.

The jaali in architecture acts as a screen, regulating light and air. The use of a Jaali screen not only minimizes glare but also allows the flow of illumination, maintaining the intensity of light.

Additionally, it preserves a seamless view across the aperture, enhancing convenience according to Indian notions of privacy. From within, the Jaali holes provide clear visibility of the outside world, while from the outside, the stark contrast in light prevents any insights into the interior.
This architectural design beautifully balances aesthetics, functionality, and cultural sensibilities, creating a truly impressive and captivating experience.
Symbolically, its intricate designs represent Islamic art’s geometric patterns, calligraphy, and abstract motifs, embodying the balance between openness and privacy, light and shade, within this architectural masterpiece.
The Interior spaces are magnificently enhanced by exquisite domes, further amplifying the architectural grandeur
The design showcases a masterful blend of traditional elements, such as intricate jaali arches, domes and other captivating facets of architectural craftsmanship, seamlessly intertwining with the modern living spaces.
Azaan stands as a testament to the power of architectural language, seamlessly blending tradition and modernity,