Anand Villa

Spiritual Symphony

Location : Kalyani Nagar, Pune
Status : Completed
Plot Area : 4500 Sq. m.
Built up Area : 3670 Sq. m.

The rectangular site is approached by a road towards it’s north side. The design is based on a simple square grid placed at an angle of 45° to plot boundary, thus welcoming the south-west breeze and opening up the view on either side of the house. Adjoining the plot, on the east is the common society space, and to the south is a multistory apartment block. The idea was to open up the view on the north-east and north-west and place the service block towards south. The entrance gate is placed at 45° to the plot boundary, parallel to the building grid, to widen the approach to house, thus giving a welcoming feel. Rooms are oriented in a manner, so as to catch the southwest breeze, This, along with the diagonal grid of the house makes the entrance gate visible from all the rooms, thereby supplementing the function of security.

The semi private spaces are zoned on the ground level, well integrated with the lush garden; with private spaces occupying the first floor, and the terrace housing a silent, contemplative meditation room roofed by an Egyptian style pyramidal canopy, to capture cosmic energy.

The prime consideration for design was to integrate the house with the nature from the inside to the outside. The important aspect was to build a structure, which was rooted and in harmony with nature. The proportions of the building relate to human scale, with the interior spaces and the structural massing in accordance with this proportion.The first impression of the house is that of a floating solid mass! This has been achieved with the use of black painted steel columns and wooden framed tinted glass windows. Natural stone masonry on the lower floor, is used as filler material between the structural and functional requirement; which together gives the illusion of the structure being grounded. The blue and white china mosaic on the roof merges with the sky.

The functions within the spaces in the house are differentiated with the use of furniture and other elements like rocks of various sizes. The elimination of unnecessary wall not only saves spaces but also adds a level of transparency. Cavity walls have been provided on the east and west side, which functions as insulation, tempering the microclimate inside the house.

Free-standing structural columns, built-in furniture, skylights, wind catchers, stone masonry, waterfalls, plants, rockery, bay windows, vibrant & lively colors, white & blue china mosaic pattern on roof top, are a few elements enhancing the design. Large verandas, balconies and terraces are created to enjoy the beautiful view of garden. Continuous windows of tinted glass extend the room beyond the window for view of the abundant greenery outside. The corner windows in the bedroom provide cross ventilation and open the view at various angles to the outside. Walls of exposed stone of different shapes and sizes, and potted plants create a unity and harmony of the ground from within, borrowing the surrounding landscape inside. With the lush, natural greenery outside, the sound of water and breeze, the spontaneous play of natural elements, Anandvilla is a picture of peace and harmony.